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    Monolithic Glass
    All glass that has not undergone a tempering process is called a monolithic glass. It can have various compositions and finishes and can undergo any type of manufacture, such as cutting, drilling, edges polishing, etc. They can be glass with thermal and solar characteristics, colored, hammered, or merely float.
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    Tempered Glass
    A tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than a monolithic glass with the same settings and thickness. It is designated as safety glass due to its breaking strength and is mainly intended for doorway, building facades, bathing areas and interior partitions.
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    Laminated Glass
    The laminated glass is formed by two or more glass layers joined by PVB or EVA films, and may have various thicknesses and colors. It is also considered safety glass, due to the difficulty of disintegration when a break occurs and can also be united with tempered glass. In addition to safety, this also has an important acoustic component.
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    Double Glass
    A piece of double glass is composed of two or more glass panes, separated from each other by an air box which may, or may not, contain a gas filling the interspace. It reduces heat transfer and energy consumption, which is improved if we use low-emissive glasses and spacers more suitable for each specific situation.
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    Curved Glass
    It is obtained through a process of controlled heating, curving and cooling. It is possible to design monolithic, tempered, laminated and double curved glass projects, obtaining the characteristics and improved combinations of each of these types. We manufacture curved glass up to 2000x3000mm, and tempered curved glass up to 1200x2440mm.
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    Lacquered and Enameled Glass
    The lacquered or enameled glass is a glass with cold or vitrified painting, respectively, being possible to apply any color and shape. They allow to create diverse types of drawings and combinations of opacity and transparency. We can use these glasses for wall coverings and furniture, and it is also possible to integrate them in laminated glass.

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