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Recognized by the knowledge and experience, quality and rigor of the company.


Tempering, lamination, curving, cutting, drilling, edge, gluing, matting, screen printing, enamelling, double glazing.

Technical Assistance

Service of replacement of glass and mirrors and maintenance of parts and glazing acessories.

Assembly on site

Glass applications on site and civil construction projects. Professional transport, with national and foreign deliveries.


Design of products in tempered glass, laminated glass, double glazing, mirrors: decorative acessories and furniture.

A company specialized in the molding and processing of flat glass.


We are specialized in tempera, laminated, curved, and double glazing. Our company owns modern machines and employs highly qualified personnel. These two characteristics guarantee the superior quality of our services.


We are specialized in manufacturing glass parts by molding, for decorative works and furniture. We apply the best techniques of molding, cutting, gluing and fixing, to respond increasingly better to a more demanding market.

  • 01
    Define glass type, strengths and characteristics, and construction techniques combining different types of glass, in order to design the properties of heat, light and insulation, and get the maximum performance of glass in solar control and energy and acoustic efficiency.
  • 02
    Apply the manufacturing techniques, ranging from simple and comparatively traditional, to extremely sophisticated technology methods, to achieve the specified characteristics: cutting, edging, drilling, enamelling, engraving, laminating, curving, gluing, tempering and sealing.
  • 03
    Assembly and Installation
    The best solutions to be adopted in the mechanical fixing of glass are studied in order to reinforce and stabilize the glass in the connections with the various surrounding materials. Harmonious and differentiated spaces are created with the use of different types of glass and acessories, with the most diverse possible applications of them.

Motivated by effectiveness.

Architects, designers and consumers in general, look for new products, with needs of resistance, safety and technical performance. That's why we work on the main characteristics of glass, looking for the best techniques and solutions.
We grow to think of you, We innovate for you, We win for you, because we believe that the success of Vidro Souto is the success of its clients.

  • Recyclability and Light permeability
  • Hardness and Fluid waterproofing
  • Electrical insulation and Sound insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity and Durability

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